Freezer Cooking Results

I am so glad I took one day of this long weekend to stock up the freezer.  This time instead of focusing on making 6 to 10 recipes, I focused on making 4, and making more of each of the 4.  (I don’t have a picture yet because some of the items are still being frozen, but I’ll come back later today and add a picture.  Here is what an afternoon of work yielded me:

Award Winning Chili x5  (This made 4 meals for the freezer and one for us for dinner last night.  It was yummy!)

Darlene’s Make Ahead Meatballs x6 meal servings

Lighter Meatloaf x3

Jamie Oliver’s Best Tomato Sauce Ever x6 meals worth

Pizza Dough x7 meals worth (we ate one for lunch yesterday and used it to make a taco pizza)

Next month I will plan another small freezer cooking bout like this  and add in another 4 of our favorite recipes, so we should start to have a good rotation.  I don’t plan on eating most of these meals right away as I want to first finish up the few remaining meals we have from March of this year.



  1. I love freezer cooking too and haven’t done it in AGES! Your most has inspired me to think up a couple of recipes to make ahead of time and freeze. That would be so helpful during the school year when evenings get filled up with kid’s activities!

    • Yes, I was going crazy the last two weeks making dinner every night and helping with homework and managing squabbles. I am so relieved that I just have to pull something from the freezer. 🙂

  2. I am going to try that chili! 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Chili was my plan for dinner tonight, so I decided to use the Award Winning chili…WOW…it was great. I asked the hubby if he would change anything…
    He said more meat (he says that about everything!)and less liquid (I will leave the water out next time) … and that’s it…

    Thanks for the link…It’s my new chili recipe..and so easy..
    One question? Did you freeze with the beans or will you add those later?

    • Glad you liked it! I agree with the less water. I liked the consistency before I added the water, but it was too runny afterward, so I added more black beans. We do freeze with the beans already in it. I have been doing that with soups and stews and had no problems.

      • hate my new computer…hate my new computer…grrrr..

        I didn’t have any more beans or I would have added them. I won’t be adding the jalapenos next time either. Guess we are too old for all that spiciness…

        I have a seal-a-meal and I have enough from one recipe for tonights meal and another one…

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