The Saved Quarter Challenge, #30, A Dry Week

It has been awhile since this happened, but I earned no money this past week.  However, I do have several deals in the works, and I am waiting on my monthly payments for my staff writing and virtual assistant work, so I am not worried.  I think next week should rock. 

I ended up with $769.22 saved for August expenses.  We will need to dip into savings a bit for the month of August.

I have been getting more virtual assistant work and freelance writing jobs, which is terrific!  However, I am still having some trouble juggling my time between caring for my kids, cooking healthy, and blogging in addition to the freelance work.  (Forget cleaning; right now just the minimum is getting done, and it is kind of driving me crazy.)  We would love for my daughter to be able to go to Japanese school as her brother did, but I refuse to use savings to pay for it, so we either have to make more money quickly or delay her entrance into Japanese school for about six months.  Right now, I think we will be delaying her entrance.

I’ll keep you posted as I try to work out a schedule that lets me get all my freelance work done in addition to all of my household work.

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  1. This may sounds silly, but you could have a little “fundraiser” on your site or around your community for your daughter to go to Japanese school – nothing big, just maybe you can sell personalized Japanese post cards for $2-$3 – bloggers can send a request for a personalized message to a love one of so many characters – then your son or husband can make write it out in crayon on a piece and make it look cute of cardstock – and then you stamp it and mail it for them- Should cost less than .50 – and the profit would be $1.50-2.50 for each card. If half of your followers participated that is over $1000 – which I know is only a month and a half but still….

    Ok Ill stop my rambling haha! I just think it would be so cute to send my husband an “I love you” post card in Japanese kid handwriting.

    • That is a cute idea. I hadn’t thought of doing anything like that, but maybe it would be a good idea, especially around the holidays. Thanks for the food for thought!

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