I Closed My eBay Store

I did.  I closed my eBay store on June 28th, and I finished selling off all of my inventory on July 8th.  I can’t tell you what relief I feel!

In the next few weeks I hope to show you how radically different our study now looks.  It is no longer filled with mountains of tubs containing inventory and bags of clothing waiting to be sold on eBay.  Now, there is actually room to walk around, and we will soon move my son’s desk out there so he has his own designated work space too.

I also have more time on my hands now that I do not have to worry about packing up clothes, running to the post office, handling customer questions, doing books, and doing inventory (not to mention digging through tubs trying to find each item).

A reader here at Mom’s Plans suggested I sell my inventory to a place like Once Upon a Child, and that is just what I did.  They ended up paying me roughly 10% of retail value for brand new Gap and Gymboree clothes, which is not a lot, but toward the end, I just wanted to be rid of everything.  As luck would have it, there was a brand new Once Upon a Child opening a few miles away from us, and they were looking to buy inventory.  The owner took nearly all of my items and was pleased to have them.  I was grateful to get them off my hands.  She also bought 20 of my storage tubs, which was a relief as I had stacks of them in the basement.

I am leaving the business with some debt, which I will be talking about later on this blog along with our plan of how we will pay it off.  However, to offset that negative, I intend to begin to grow my writing and virtual assistant business now that I have more time.  As soon as I finished selling all of my inventory, I received a job offer to write for another blog a few times a week in addition to my current staff writing positions.

The last few weeks have been momentous; I quit my job at the end of June, I received an all clear from my colonoscopy (my dad died of colon cancer at 38, so I am very good about getting checked regularly, but I still worry I might get it as he got it so young), and I closed my eBay business and sold all of my inventory.

I am now officially a stay-at-home mom, which I have wanted to be for seven years, and I am also beginning to grow my online work.  I feel very blessed to be in such a good place and I am grateful that everything is working out.  If we can just get my husband to graduate soon, life will be very good indeed.


  1. If you’re happy then I’m happy! I never did open an eBay store, but I am no longer selling on eBay. The prices keep going up, the sales schemes and promotions are constantly changing, the customers pull more scams because they can get away with it by keeping your product AND the money, and eBay just generally doesn’t seem to like its sellers anymore.

    I’ve sold on eBay since about 1996 or 1997. I’m a veteran and let me tell you, no matter how many e-mail they send offering to bring me back, I’m not doing it.

  2. You are the woMAN! Thanks for your blog. I’ve been totally inspired by your penny saved challenge, and how carefully you track expenses, food waste, etc. My family has a different set of challenges from yours, but many can be dealt with in the same ways!

  3. Awesome Melissa! What a weight off your shoulders. I can hear your relief! I am so proud of you ending it and moving on. It can be so easy to wallow in a failed attempt instead of chalking it up to be a life lesson.

    Did you make good contacts at Savvy Blogging? I wish that I could have gone. I write for Erin at $5 Dinners and would have loved it. I need to learn more about the money making side of blogging!

    • Melissa says:

      How exciting that you work for Erin! She seemed very nice and personable. I did make some good contacts and learned quite a bit. I had to leave early so we could make our long drive and get home in time for my husband to go to work Monday morning. However, I am already planning to go next year (though I wish it was in beautiful Colorado again). I feel like I am still learning about the making money side of blogging too. 🙂

  4. Congratulations! You must be feeling relief on several fronts. Enjoy moving on with the new positions, etc.

  5. I am looking forward to hearing how this all panned out. Do you have more posts about your store – I bet many of my readers would be interested in the whole process!

    And… I am SO not there yet, but I am tucking the VA piece into the back of my mind!

  6. I didn’t read your blog when you were running the store, but it seems like you’re relieved to have it gone and move on to the next phase of your life.

    I would say you’re a work at home mom; not a stay at home mom. You really do have a business still — the business of blogging.

    • Melissa says:

      True, true, Kay Lynn. Sometimes I talk to my mom about how the dishes aren’t done or the clothes aren’t folded. She always says to do it during the girls’ nap time, but I am busy writing and blogging during that time. Staying home definitely doesn’t mean a tidy home as I had hoped it would!

  7. Congratulations! You’ve certainly been busy. But it must be an amazing feeling to have the work you want and a clean bill of health.

  8. Congrats Melissa. This is great news if this is what you wanted. I have never sold on ebay. To be honest if I was going to use an online seller I would pick Amazon. I just find it easier to use.
    Glad you are feeling better and best of luck with your next venture.

  9. Hi, first time here!

    Sounds like an evolution process, from eBay to less demanding online businesses.

    I had a brother who was an small time eBay seller. He said it was great because he got to do all the steps that a business would do. He quit selling too once the supplier of the product he was selling stopped carrying the product.

    Congratulations to you, online activities that don’t involve shipping sounds much nicer.

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks for visiting. Glad to have you here! Yes, it is wonderful to have an online business that does not involve shipping or mounds of inventory. 🙂

  10. Probably just as well. They don’t scale well: you have to hire more people to sell more stuff because you can only do so much yourself.

    • Melissa says:

      Yes, that was exactly my experience. Trouble was I wasn’t able to pay myself let alone someone else. 🙂

  11. How wonderful for you!!!! I am so happy to hear that you have realized your seven year goal of being a stay at home Mom. Your blog is doing wonderfully, and way to go on getting rid of all of the stuff–I am sure it was quite the energy drain on you. Yay!!!!

  12. Congratulations on getting there. Being a stay-at-home-Mom and decluttering, a two-fer!

  13. I read your post and I personally hate feebay. If you ever want to do the whole online thing than use etsy.com or bonanza.com. They have better options and LESS FEES!!!!!

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