The Cost of Clutter Financially and Emotionally

As my readers here know, I have been on a mission to declutter for the last 20+ weeks.  Doing so has revealed quite a bit to me.  We are no where close to done, but I am able to see the difference it has made in our lives so far.  I am over at Free from Broke today writing about the cost of clutter.  Here is an excerpt:

We are a nation of junk collectors.  Look around your house.  Do you see any clutter?  Are there things you own that you know you shouldn’t have purchased?  Are there items you purchased but have never used?  Look in the closet.  Are there any clothes with the price tag still on them?  Any non-perishable food you bought that you decided you just don’t want to eat?  Any expired food?

I thought so.

I would love it if you would head over there to read the full post and leave your comments. 

If you have been decluttering, what have you noticed throughout the process?  What have you learned?

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