Menu Planning, 6/19

I am not much in the menu planning mood this week. 

I have a colonoscopy scheduled, so I have to fast one day and then have the procedure the next, plus I can’t eat any nuts, seeds, etc. for the week before the procedure.  When I combine that with my dairy and soy intolerance, well, I am not feeling much like menu planning.  🙂 

Even though I am only 40, this will be my third colonoscopy in 11 years thanks to some bad genes.  (My father died of colon cancer at 38.)  I am actually glad to have this done; I have been worried about my health, and hopefully I will get the all clear.

Monday–Spaghetti and meatballs

Tuesday–Fish sticks, sweet potato fries, baby carrots

Wedesday–Lighter meatloaf, homemade hashbrowns, peas and carrots


Friday–corn dog muffins, mixed veggies

Saturday–attending a party, so we will eat there

Sunday–dinner out

Breakfasts will be eggs, Canadian bacon, toast, omelettes, and smoothies

Lunches will be leftovers and sandwiches.

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  1. I don’t blame you, but thanks for posting anyway. I love getting dinner ideas..

    Good luck with your colonoscopy…hope all goes well!!

  2. Good luck with your colonoscopy! Thanks for the ideas! 🙂

  3. Praying for you. So sorry about your dad. That is so young. My husband lost his mom when she was 43.

    • Melissa says:

      It is young. That is why I make sure I have my test every 5 years. It is crazy to think I have already lived 2 years longer than him. Sorry for your husband too. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  4. It’s very smart of you to be sure to keep track of your colon health. I have a family member who keeps her head in the sand even though her mom was diagnosed with colon cancer at 60. My husband, at my urging, has been having a colonoscopy since the age of 40 for that very reason. Good luck.

    • I am a bit nervous about this one because of all the digestive issues I have had with my intolerances; I am afraid it might be something more than intolerances; however, the alternative of not getting the test is horrible. My dad buried his head in the sand for 3 years; if he would have sought treatment when he first had symptoms, he very likely would have lived. Instead, he avoided the doctor because he was afraid of what he would find out. By the time he was diagnosed, he only lived for 4 more short months. You are very smart to encourage your husband to get tested regularly.

  5. I made corn dog muffins this past week too! My kids loved there. Me? Not so much! 🙂

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