7 Frugal Date Suggestions (Good If You Are Married or Single)

I am over at Beating Broke today writing about 7 Frugal Date Suggestions.  Here is a preview:

Whether you are dating or married, one of the best ways to maintain closeness in your relationship is to have a date night.  However, with the high cost of entertainment, dating can put a serious kink in your budget, but it does not have to.  Here are some low-cost date suggestions that will kindle your relationship and protect your wallet.

What are your favorite low-cost date ideas?  I would love it if you would stop over and read the full post and leave your comments.


  1. My husband and I might be a little crazy but we love to just get ice cream and drive around and look at really nice houses and pretend we live there. He will say what his dream job is and what he does for a living, etc. I am always the stay at home mom in the big house! hahaha we just love driving and talking and then when we pull into OUR driveway we appreciate our house and OUR lives. 🙂

    • Great idea! My husband and I used to drive around too, but now that we live in the city, it is not so much fun. It is better to do that in a more suburban area. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I make a nice dinner at home, I then give him a massage and we chit chat about our dreams, our love, our wonderful dog.. etc. I just enjoy his company!

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