You Can Buy Happiness. . .Here’s How It’s Done – A Guest Post

Happiness is not always defined by how many things you own or what kind of car you drive. Most of the things that can help you stay truly happy are not expensive at all. You can buy happiness if you understand what you enjoy and maximize your pursuit of that enjoyment. You can’t buy happiness in the traditional sense by collecting bigger and better mountains of stuff, but you can buy happiness when you recognize what makes you truly happy and concentrate on those things.

Do Things Instead of Buying Things
When people look back over their lives, they rarely think of the new computers or cars that they bought. They usually think of time spent with friends and family doing fun things. You can buy more happiness if you spend your money for experiences rather than merchandise. Go to a baseball game with friends. Visit a museum. Take a trip to the local national park. If you enjoy a good book, save your money and hang out at the library for a few hours. You might enjoy searching for special books at estate sales or antique shops. Remember that it is the journey that you will treasure more than the item you bring home from the journey.

Get More Happiness for Your Buck
Don’t spend more money just because you can. Sometimes a 10 cent lollipop can make you far happier than a $50 steak. Spending more money doesn’t increase the happiness quotient, it only makes you broke faster. If you really want to buy happiness, you will focus your spending on the things that get the most enjoyment for the dollar. A bag of jellybeans can last for days. A bag of potato chips can last for an hour. Pick the things that keep you happy the longest

Give Yourself Savings Goals
Spending money on something you have been looking forward to for a long time can be rewarding and fun. Choose an expensive item that you would love to own. Make sure it is something you need as well as something you just want. Once you have your goal in mind, start saving so that you can buy the item someday. The anticipation of owning the item can add to the enjoyment of the purchase. When you finally save enough money and have the item in your hands, you will feel the extra satisfaction of having achieved a long-term goal.

Invest in Others
One of the most rewarding things you can do with your money is to use it to help people in need. Choose your favorite charity and donate some cash to their cause. You will feel happy that your money was able to provide happiness for others. You might find that you enjoy buying things and sharing them more than donating money. Offer to cook a meal and serve at a homeless shelter or deliver stuffed animals to a foster care facility. The happiness you buy for yourself will be felt by everyone you share that happiness with.

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  1. I really liked how you talked about doing stuff instead of buying stuff. I am all about experiences and I prefer to spend my money on them. It is those memories that you are going to remember for life and cherish. Thanks for such a great post reminding us what’s important.

    • Melissa says:

      That is exactly right. I can’t remember many meals out, but I can remember my trips to China and Switzerland.

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