Works for Me – Making (and Keeping) a List When Travelling

Now that we have small children, I find it helpful to make a list of all we will need that I should pack when preparing for a vacation.  Then, I actually pack the list in the suitcase.  When our vacation is over, and we are packing up, I use the list to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything.

Considering we are still bringing a lot of our own baby gear with us when we travel and my daughter has a stuffed lamb she can’t sleep without, making sure we remember to bring everything back home is essential.


  1. I make my list in an excel spreadsheet and organize it by person and in alphabetical order. Man, I sound pretty crazy but then I can either print it to take a copy with us to make sure we have everything or look at it on my phone after I email it to myself.

  2. Great idea I will certainly use for my trip next month. I took my niece with me on a trip and we left her favorite bunny that she had since she was a baby in the hotel room.

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