What’s For Lunch Today: Mexican Beef Salad Wrap

Since my son is on an endless peanut butter and jelly kick, I decided to share my husband’s new lunch box creation with you. 

He was experimenting with grilling using a steak from our recent beef purchase and ended up creating a new recipe he loves, Mexican Beef Salad Wrap.  It is easy and healthy!  He paired with this carrot sticks and grapes.  He has at least two, if not three, of his required fruit and veggie servings in his lunch alone!

This lunch was packed in our Easy Lunchbox container.


  1. looks good! its pb and j over here-heading to the specialist today to get my hand cast, so meals are really simple right now!

  2. Oh I wish I would have seen this before 6 am today. I looked at a small chunk of extra tri-tip I had in the fridge, and unsure what to do with it, just packed with BBQ for hubby. He would have loved this so much more.

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