What’s For Lunch – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

When my son attended his Japanese preschool, he ate a fairly healthy diet. My husband packed him a myriad of healthy foods, and he rarely complained.

In first grade, he moved to a different school (Japanese school ends after kindergarten), and suddenly the food revolt began. If it was food that was bad for him, he wanted to eat it. We still tried to pack him healthy lunches and feed him healthy meals at home, but he wanted junk. If we gave him a little, he just wanted more. Plus, he became hyper after eating these foods. I don’t know if it is the sugar or the food dyes, but he just bounces off the wall.

What was more frustrating to me was the attitude held by some of the educators at the school. We have him bring a water bottle to school; the lunch room teacher approached me with her concerns that we weren’t buying milk for him to drink at school. We don’t buy it because he isn’t much of a milk drinker; he gets a small glass at breakfast and dinner, and we have to prompt him to drink it. The lunch room teacher suggested that I let him drink chocolate milk at school so he can get his calcium in. The attitude that junk is okay for kids is found every where.
Then, ironically, those same kids who are freely given junk may become overweight, and then the junk will be deemed bad and they will have to go on diets.  I don’t understand our society.

Tonight, my son and I settled down to watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  I expect this show to gain momentum as the week’s go on, but my son did learn some important lessons about how hamburger is made.  As he watched, he started talking about how it is okay to have a little junk once in a while, but it is best to eat healthy the majority of the time.  Maybe what I can’t seem to get through to my son, Jamie Oliver can.


  1. i watched through the food revolution episodes a couple of months ago, very informative..i’m glad your son is learning from it!

  2. Oh my… I would have real issues with a lunch room monitor trying to tell me I wasn’t feeding my kids a balanced diet. I hope you lodged a complaint with the school officials. Does the same monitor also tell parents who give their kids juice boxes that they are not giving their kids enough calcium?

    • Great point about the juice! I didn’t lodge a complaint, but I certainly was irritated!

    • I love how they think that calicum only comes from milk. My kids eat broccoli and other greens because they are higher in calicum than a glass of milk without the fat. I think I would have been a little upset if they told me what to feed my kids. At our school the kids are allowed to have a snack, lunch is a long wait for the ones that eat at 7:00am to get to school on time. At the beginning of the year they sent a list of things they could not have like junk. It was nice to see they were thinking about the learning potential(?) that junk food has on kids. Not to mention my kids can’t sit still after fruit snacks with all that sugar.

      • I love that your school sent out this list. I wish our school had the same thing. Sometimes my son goes to the after school program, and the snacks they have there are things like packaged rice krispy treats, etc.

        Regarding the comment, yes, I was very upset. I don’t think the chocolate and sugar are worth it for the calcium considering he gets enough calcium at home.

  3. we’ll have to deal with school lunches this fall, for the first time. I cut out drinking cow’s milk for me and the kids a few months ago, and wonder how that will go over in my daughter’s cafeteria? She’ll be bringing water, almond milk, and occasionally organic apple juice and cider from a local farm.

  4. What kills me about your story is what the HELL does that lunch aid know about proper nutrition? My question to you is how unhealthy is she?!

  5. The same thing happens with my students! I find guest speakers or field trips have more impact on them. This is okay because I am focused on the outcome not my ego. Keep exposing him to the right things and it does work.

  6. I do enjoy jamie’s show, but I havent seen the new one yet. I loved watching the last season (In WV) and am excited to see what he’s got coming this time around.
    I’m also a little curious about the lunch aid – while she was looking out, is it any of her business if your son doesnt drink milk at lunch? For all she knows, he could drink a gallon before bed.

    • I know. She was concerned because he only brought water to drink. (I would think that would be a good thing, but oh well.)

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