The Saved Quarter Challenge, Update #14, Earned $118

This week I earned $20.00 from writing/advertising and $98 from selling my kids’ spring/summer clothes on eBay.  Actually, I didn’t make nearly as much as I thought I would selling the kids’ clothes.  I think there were a few problems; first, I was too busy much of February and March to list the clothes for a 30 day fixed listing price, which would have allowed for a higher selling price.  Second, many of the clothes for sale were baby clothes 0-12 months, which aren’t usually good sellers.  Still, I am happy to have the clothes out of my house.  I have a few items that didn’t sell that I think I will put together in a big lot to sell in the next week or two.  I also still have baby items like a swing and bouncy seat to list on Craigslist.

This week’s earnings will go into savings for our May expenses bringing our total to $387.10.

Regarding my husband’s summer full-time job, we are STILL waiting on the contract, but we do now know how much he will be making; it should be about $300 more than he is making monthly now, so that will help us a bit.  He should see a bigger jump in pay in August, if he can get his Ph.D. completed.

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  1. It is great that you sold some of the clothes on eBay. Every bit out of the house just makes things that much better. thanks for visiting me last week on my saved quarter challenge and taking the time to comment.

  2. My daughter sold a few things 7 years ago on eBay. She had brought a few things from the old country. She sold them alright and made money but I had to pay the fee. She charged it to my credit card. To this day, she doesn’t know it cost me almost half of the total money she made.