The Saved Quarter Challenge, Update #9, Earned $124.92

Finally a week where I made some progress!

I repriced all of my children’s outgrown spring/summer clothes on eBay.  I lowered the price of each outfit by only $1 to $2, but that helped me sell 5 items this week.  After all of the fees, I made $44.92 on eBay.

I also earned $80 for writing/advertising.

The entire $124.92 will go into our savings for April.   

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  1. Great update! It is quite interesting to track your progress.

  2. Great job, I also sold some items and finally got a check in the mail

  3. Congrats on the profit! If I had a little more time, I would get back into selling on EBay.

  4. Great job and congrats on the profit. The Saved Quarter Challenge must be working well for you1

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