Link Love, 3/4

I filled up our gas tank two weeks ago, so I admit I haven’t paid much attention to the gas prices.  It is almost time to fill up again; I see the price of gas has risen a good .35 cents more than it was two weeks ago.  Yikes!  The Saved Quarter looks at “10 Ways to Save Money on Gas,” which may help alleviate some of the sticker shock at the pump.

Musings from a Midlife Mom had a no spend month.  As part of the challenge, she looked for unclaimed money.  Check out the article; you may be one of the many who has unclaimed money waiting to be found. 

Broke Professionals take a fun look at the Oscars with their post, “Academy Award Best Picture Nominees:  Financial Life Lessons.”

Faithful Homemaking argues that sometimes the best way a spouse can show his love for you is not in the money he spends on you in her post, “Appreciating the Grass You Have.”

Have a good weekend!

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