The Saved Quarter Challenge, Update #7, Earned $85.87

After earning no money last week, I am happy to be earning money again.  This week I earned $78.87 for writing/advertising and $7 for one item that sold on eBay.

I have nearly 20 items on eBay to sell, and many of them have several watchers, but thus far no takers.  eBay has been very slow for me.  I am hoping as the weather gets nicer and people get their tax refunds I will sell the rest of my kids’ spring/summer clothes.

I should be glad it is slow though because I have several more items to list that I haven’t had time to put up yet.  Also, I have cloth diapers that my girls have outgrown that I need to list.

I have some baby items such as a bouncy seat and a baby swing that I am trying to sell on Craigslist, but thus far I am failing miserably.  If anyone is an experienced Craigslist seller, I would love some tips.  We could use the money and I would love to further declutter by getting rid of the big baby items.

This week’s earning bring my total savings for March’s expenses to $248.98.  I am going to have to step up this week so we will have enough to carry us through in March.

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  1. Take the bouncy seat, kids clothes, baby diapers, and other baby items to a baby/kids consignment store. The store prices and sells and then cuts you a check. It is very easy and pays well.

  2. I have sold all my girls outgrown clothes and toys on craigslist. If I dont get any hits the first 2 days I delete my post and repost the next day. I also try and price things higher then the amount I want to get out of it because everyone is gonna ask you to come down. Most things I have people just come pick up from my home but the smaller items I meet the buyer. Hope this can help if you have any questions shoot me an email I would love to try and help out!!!

  3. Glad you had a better week this week. I also had a better week selling on ebay. Need to work at totally it up still.
    I agree try selling at consignment shop your larger baby items. Craigs list works you can put 4 pictures. My husband always put in his phone number so he can be called. and if someone wants to buy he meets them in public at coffee shop for example.

  4. I also take many items to our local consignment shop. The shop will keep 50% of the sales prices, and I will get the other half. Anything that doesn’t sell is donated after 3 months. Items tend to sell very well, but the consignment shop is pretty picky on what they accept. There have been items that I thought were in great shape, but if they see even a tiny stain, they reject it. I think this applies more to easy to find items. With harder to find items, they may be more lenient. I am sure these policies vary by shop.

    I have had mixed luck with Craigslist. I think the more reasonably priced the item is, the better chance you have to sell it. I tend to price items a little lower, rather than too high. I have had luck selling a Lego table, Duplo sets and my daughter’s clothes on there, but I tried to sell a stroller and a few other baby items and there were no takers. With my daughter’s clothes, I had 20 or 30 summer items. I grouped them by item (tops, shorts, skirts, etc…), and took pictures of each group. I said I would sell it for the whole lot, or by piece. I had someone come and she picked out what items she liked and bought those. I only had a few left and I freecycled the rest. I think this method works better than trying to sell one or two items in a listing.

  5. When you mention making money writing/ads is that only via your blog or do you write other places as well?

    • I also write some other places. I would like to expand where I write, but I don’t think that will happen for a few more months.

  6. I have not had any experiencing selling on CraigsList. I do like to shop on CraigsList, I have found a good deal or two. When I do accumulate to much stuff, I take mine to a thrift store.consignment store. The owner slowly works items in to her inventory and eventually I earn a few bucks. Usually about a 100 dollars a year. Not much, but every little bit helps.

  7. My husband is really good as selling things on CraigsList (however, not baby stuff.) He always includes pictures, that seems to help the buyer decide if it’s something they really need. He also prices things quite low to move them quickly. These tips might work for baby stuff.

    • I did include a picture. It was of a bouncy seat, and I listed it at just $5, but only one person inquired. I will have to try again. Thanks for the tips.

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