Decluttering Week 18: Everything Has Got To Go

My cousin’s house was routinely as messy as mine.  She has two kids about the same age as my oldest.  In her home, toys were strewn about every room of the house.  When she and her husband bought a much smaller fixer upper to move into, my husband and I were skeptical.  After all, where would all their “stuff” go?

Fast forward 15 months.  The fixer upper is now renovated, and they have finally moved in.  Last weekend we took a tour, and my husband and I were both astonished.  All of the “stuff” was gone.  The house was so neat and tidy.  I asked her about the clutter, and she said she just mercilessly purged.  She easily got rid of 90% of her kids’ toys and paraphanelia.  She said, “They don’t miss all of the extra toys.  They have enough to play with, and they are happy.”  When I asked her how it felt to have such a clutter free house, she said words cannot express how refreshed she feels.  Her new family space gives her energy now instead of detracting from her life.

My husband and I were both inspired.  If she can do it, we can do it. 

I have not decluttered at all for the past several weeks because life has been hectic and my baby has been sick and not sleeping well.  Yesterday, though, I decided I had had enough and decluttered the kids’ toy area in the livingroom.

I only kept what would fit in the space.  I got rid of 51 items (all going to the garage sale pile) and I threw an entire brown paper sack worth of paper into the recycle bin.  I also threw the smaller book case out as the back was coming off and my daughter routinely pulled the shelf out or tried to sit on it.

In 18 weeks of decluttering, I have now purged 923 items from our house.  I have now shifted my focus to decluttering an area each week.  Then, I try to keep that area and all of the other decluttered areas up.  I figure eventually, the entire house will be clean and decluttered.  🙂

Have you been decluttering lately?  If so, feel free to link up or tell us about your progress in the comments.


  1. Dawn Heron says:

    OMG! In the past two weeks I have given two trunk-fulls of stuff to Goodwill and I’m working on the third. I have had it with all the stuff! We can do this!!

  2. I love decluttering when I get to it. Might take a while. I loved the progress pictures, show how nice it all looks in the “after” photos. We had a book shelve that was really cluttered. After cleaning it up, I swear we have more space now in the room. It is the look of neatly organized stuff that gives this impression.

  3. OH yes, we’ve been working on this for a few years, actually. We keep making piles of stuff to take to Goodwill, but then I keep finding more stuff. If we had to move again (ugh), it would be a lot easier. when we moved here, I couldn’t believe how much crap we moved. it was embarrassing!

  4. We moved last year and I had begun the purge but then I got serious because there was no way I was packing all that stuff and taking it to another house. I made 15 trips to goodwill with the Suburban full everytime. We did not have time for a garage sale. We gave away the dinning room table and the hutch to match. But through that we were blessed with a new table to fit the space. It has been so nice to not have the stuff I thought I needed at the time. Love the pictures and the progress. You go girl.

    • Wow! That is great work. Fifteen trips to Goodwill? Your house must be so much more relaxing without all that stuff. I am hoping that when we get ready to move in a year or two all of the decluttering will be done, which will make the move much simpler.

      • I have four kids and for some reason their stuff seems to go under a bed and breed. We also have freinds who “give” us things they don’t want to through away. We have learned to say no and put limits on the grandparent gifts. And yes there is more breathing room in our house even though the new one is smaller.

  5. It is so much easier no with the kids grown and gone. Any progress is progress. Congratulations! Hope the baby is better.

  6. I laughed right out loud when I saw your first pic. Leave it to the cat to be a ham & in the middle of everything. This sooooo looks like our upstairs hallway bookshelf. Toys spill out of my sons room & through the hallway. That is on my To Do List for the summer. Eventually everything will get done… just in time for me to start all over again. 😛

    I’m decluttering emails & found this older post from OrgJunkie.

    Great job, baby steps are all it takes!

    • My e-mail desperately needs to be decluttered!!! I’ll get to that after I have conquered the house. One step at a time.

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