The Saved Quarter Challenge Update #3, Earned $14, Bartered More

I am still decluttering, and this week I put up 22 auctions on eBay and one item on Craigslist.  I sold two items on eBay, so after fees, I earned about $14.  That brings our grand total of money saved for our budget shortfall in February to $298.60.  (Hopefully there will be more sales this week so I won’t have to dip into savings too much in February.)

I also worked on more bartering.  I know that my landlord sometimes lets tenants mow the lawn for a discount in rent.  I approached her about that, and she said she would be glad to have us start mowing the lawn in April.  She will get back to me about the discount she is going to give.

Meanwhile, I am working on finding more writing jobs.  My husband also applied for an adjunct teaching position, but he hasn’t heard anything.  I am not counting on it because the class starts next weekend.

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  1. That’s really neat that your landlord offers something like that. I would honestly ask if there’s other things you might be capable of doing that might knock a few dollars off! Great job with eBay too!

  2. Great job on eBay. We have been selling on eBay since 1998. helps bring in some extra money

  3. I liked selling on Ebay, but I had a hard time keeping up with it. At one time, I had over 100 auctions. Working full time and Ebay was not a good combination for me. I was exhausted.

    • Yes, I can see how 100 auctions would be overwhelming when working full-time. I am amazed by the eBay store owners who have thousands of items for sale.

  4. Great job! I am reading a great book on cutting grocery costs. I talked about it over at my blog! 🙂

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