Decluttering Challenge Week 14: Kids’ Clothes To Sell on Ebay

Around Thanksgiving, I took a break from the decluttering challenge through the holidays.  Now I am back and continuting where I left off.  In my last decluttering update, I had gotten rid of 746 items in 13 weeks.

We are decluttering so it is easy to clean the house and because with 3 kids, our two bedroom apartment seems to be getting smaller every day.  Neither my husband nor I want to move and pay $300 to $400 more a month to live in a 3 bedroom apartment.  Instead, we want to continue to save our money so that when my husband graduates and it is time to leave this area, perhaps we can afford a better place or even a down payment on a house.

Meanwhile, I am seeing the effects of decluttering (even though there is much more to go!)  We use the living room as our study and our eBay storage.  I have decided not to grow my eBay business, so I am slowly making room that way as I sell items.  Also, decluttering 700+ items has left us with some extra room in the study.  We have to pay $1.00 per load of washing and $.75 for each dryer load.  A few years ago we used a drying rack to hang our clothes instead of paying for the dryer.  Now, we finally have room to use the rack again; we are saving at least $10 a month by air drying our clothes.  (I have just started tracking our expenses; I imagine we are saving even more than that.)

Lastly, we are decluttering to make extra money while our income is so lean.  (It will be VERY lean through August until my husband gets his postdoc.)  This week we got rid of 21 of our kids’ outgrown spring/summer clothes.  I have listed them all on eBay and will let you know how much I make.

Are you decluttering?  If so, please feel free to link up or to tell us about your progress in the comments.


  1. It’s pretty awesome you’ve gotten your whole family involved in decluttering. I’ve begun realizing the value of it over the last few months. I’m still working on the wife though, she doesn’t like the idea of getting rid of things, so I’ll just declutter my stuff for now 😉

    • Yes, we all want more room in the apartment. Maybe when your wife sees how great your cleared out stuff looks she will be inspired!

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