Declutter Challenge: Week 16

I have been decluttering for 16 weeks, and I have been frustrated by the lack of real results.  So, this week I worked on one small area so I could see immediate results.  Underneath this pile of mess is our bedroom dresser and heater.

I put some things where they were supposed to be, put 3 items of clothes in the closet to repurpose, threw away all of the loose papers and garbage, and put the clothes I still wear away.  Here is the finished result: 

Finally I can feel like I am making progress.

In addition to this small bedroom area, I also decluttered some of the baby items like formula we never used, bottles, and pacifiers from the kitchen cupboards.  I also listed 8 baby outfits on eBay.  All told, I freed our home of 60 more items of clutter.  (I am donating the formula and the rest of the items went in the garage sale pile.)

We are now free of 850 items!!  Unbelievable.  I think for the next few weeks I will continue to concentrate on small areas where I can see immediate results.

Have you been decluttering?  Feel free to link up or leave a comment in the post sharing your progress.


  1. Our decluttering this week came about from getting our new bedroom furniture set delivered (finally have matching furniture after 15 years instead of random assemble yourself, auction/garage sale, and hand-me-downs). Obviously, as we were moving clothes from the old dressers, we culled a lot – holey socks and t-shirts went to the rag bin or the drawer designated for our garage/painting/yard work clothes depending on how bad off they were. My husband wears Talls, so I also used this as an opportunity to get rid of all of his “vendor” shirts that were too short. He also took it upon himself to go thru his closet and pulled out some other things that he never wears anymore or doesn’t fit. Some of the items went into a tub for the garage sale (we can only have a garage sale on the HOA designated day in the spring). One of the old dressers went into the guest bedroom, the others are in temporary storage in the exercise room until the garage sale. We also cleaned out the closets in the two spare rooms and added a few things from there to the garage sale pile. Now my next big project is getting the office back in order and moving the bill paying stuff from the kitchen table.

    • Great work! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to have our garage sale to get rid of all of this “stuff.” Whatever doesn’t sell, I am donating!

  2. wow 850 items..well done!

  3. Great job on decluttering. I’ve been trying to declutter an old 1873 Summer Kitchen that has been used for the last 100 years (not exaggerating) as a miscellaneous storage shed. I want to make it into a Craft/Writing Cottage. (…don’t laugh) Needless to say, I feel your pain of not noticing results. I love the idea of tackling one small area at a time, so the results are more noticeable. Maybe that will stave off some of this recent decluttering burnout.

  4. Acccckkkk….I cringe at the before picture of the dresser. We are NEAT freaks but clutter still has a tendancy to show up! Oddly enough, I have my jewelry box on my declutter list. I’ve got this little silver box (think back to the late 80’s) that is just crammed with jewels, real and fake. The good stuff is in little zip bags but I’m getting rid of that eyesore on my dresser. I’ve got a new plastic crafty type thing that I’m going to move everything into … but first, each piece must be touched and surveyed to see if worth keeping. This will be a huge task for me. 🙂 Then it’s the kitchen drawers, one by one (you know, utensils you don’t use, tupperware lids that have no matching bowls – does anyone know just how that happens??) and so on … But I think February will be my big month to do it … good job on your dresser!

  5. 850 – wowzers! so impressed!!!

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