Declutter Challenge Week 15: More Kids Clothes to Sell at a Garage Sale

I have been decluttering now for nearly 4 months.  My goal is to purge at least 35 items a week (5 items a day).  Some weeks I do much more than that, some weeks less.  Now that we are low on income until August, my decluttering has moved from simply trying to clean up our apartment and make more room to making money to help supplement our income. 

This decluttering challenge can feel like a lot of work.  I am deep into the process now, and sometimes I feel there will be no end to the clutter.  An optimistic view of this would be at least there is a lot to get rid of still so we can make more money. 🙂

This week I got rid of the following:

23 items the baby has outgrown which went into our garage sale pile

Of the 10 auctions I listed on eBay last week, I sold 2 and made $48.94 (not including eBay and PayPal fees).  This will be money that will go toward our budgeted expenses in February.  I had hoped to get more listed on eBay, but that didn’t happen.  Getting all of my kids spring and summer outgrown clothes up on eBay and listing outgrown baby play equipment on Craigslist is my goal for the next two weeks of decluttering.

We have now gotten rid of 790 items.  (Crazy that there is still so much left!)  Have you been decluttering?  Feel free to link up or leave a comment:


  1. I have been decluttering since the first of the year. Hubby and I spent part of the day Xmas Eve watching one of the shoes about messiest houses and the all the stuff people had in their house. Ugh

    Three years ago, we did a major decluttering – not by choice. We went on vacation and our 2nd floor toilet tank leakes all week. Once we moved back home 4 months later I promised hubby it wouldn’t get as bad, it hasn’t but it could.

    It is so hard with kids and their clothes and stuff. Luckily we are out of toys (I have a 14 year old and a 9 year old). I was going to ebay their clothes but just don’t have time so now I consignment shop them. Less stress for me. Other items I have been putting on craigslist, love the no fees!

    This morning I decluttered some of my sunroom, put all my medifast food in one place instead of sitting in the boxes they came in. What a difference that made!

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