Decluttering Challenge, Week 13

Many of my long term readers know that I have an eBay business, which I am currently trying to downsize for two major reasons–first it simply takes up too much of my time for the little monetary return I get and second, it takes up so much space!  Space that I need now that we have 3 kids in a two bedroom apartment.

So, this week, I culled through my eBay inventory and got rid of everything I knew would never sell.  Even I was shocked by how much I got rid of.  I called my husband out to see the pile, and all he said was, “This is getting embarrassing.”  And, it is. 

I am not a hoarder, but sometimes I feel like it when I show the pictures of all of the stuff we have purged out of our home.  The simple fact is that we have lived in this current apartment for almost 8 years, and in that time we have never truly decluttered.  We also had 3 kids and grew a large eBay store. 

Now, in aticipation of the day we can finally move out of the apartment, I am ruthlessly decluttering.  The goal is 35 items per week, but I am averaging much more than that.

In the above pile are 149 items, roughly 135 from my eBay business and the remaining few some more clothes that my baby has outgrown.   All of it is going to our garage sale pile except two coats I am giving to my son to take to school for their coat drive. 

In 13 weeks, I have now removed 746 items from our home, or 57 items a week. 

If you are decluttering, please feel free to link up below or leave a comment.

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