Declutter Challenge, Week 12

I got rid of 29 items this week.  More than half of them are clothes the baby is outgrowing.  Then there are some of my maternity clothes.  All of these items are going in the garage sale pile.

I also have several sterile pads the hospital sent me home with after my c-section.  Does anyone know of a place where I can donate these?

For next week, I think I am going to target a specific space to declutter.  Right now I am just gathering items as I go.  And yes, I am getting rid of a lot, but I am not feeling a sense of accomplishment.  Targeting one specific area may make me feel like I am accomplishing more.

Thus far I have gotten rid of 597 items. 

Have you been decluttering?  If so, please feel free to leave a comment or link up below.

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