Declutter Challenge, Week 11

This week I was able to get rid of 17 items.  Included were:

-9 bags of Knorr sides.  I bought these almost two years ago, and we were slowly eating them even though my family did not like them.  (I got them on sale for nearly free and thought they would be a great, quick side at meal times.  Turns out, not so much.)  Most of them contain dairy, so I can no longer eat them.  I wanted to donate them to the food pantry, but they all expired 9 months ago, so into the trash they went.

-4 pieces of make up I got for free or overage at CVS.  I will be donating these to Goodwill along with the Planet Mom book I bought at a garage sale for .25 and never used.

-Lastly are some more clothes the baby has outgrown.  They are going in the garage sale pile.

I am now up to 568 items gone, at an average of 51 items a week. 

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  1. Wow what a great job, have read a few of past posts will have to go back and see all you have gotten rid of. I have been working at decluttering but not to the extent as you.
    I love the story of the Knorr side dishes. As couponers we can get into buying stuff because it is free or almost free. I have so much shampoo and cinditioner I am probably set for a year.
    that is to much stuff in the cupboard.

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