Use the Groupon for Gap Today! Great Discounts!

If you bought the Groupon for Gap a few weeks ago, today is a great day to use it.

Gap is having a Columbus Day sale that gives you 40% off your entire purchase, good on sale and regular priced items today only.  I went in there today and bought all of these items–5 shirts, 2 pairs of pajamas and one pair of tights for $36 total.  (They have a retail value of $112.50.)  My Groupon was $25 and I paid $11 out of pocket.  That means I saved 68% off retail.  All of the items except the tights are Christmas presents for our nephews.  The tights are for my kids’ upcoming Christmas picture.

NOTE: Be sure to call ahead or check at your Gap before purchasing (which is what I did).  Some people are reporting that some Gap stores are not permitting the 40% discount with the Groupon.


  1. My store would not let me use the 40% off with the Groupon. Lucky you!

    • My store went through the Groupon fine print carefully and saw nothing that would prohibit the 40% off being used with the Groupon too. Do you have a different Gap that you can go to? (We have several around us.)

  2. Is this sale only in stores and not online at all?

    I won’t be able to get out to GAP today, but I could really use a new pair of jeans!

    • The Groupon was only good for in store purchases. According to the Gap website, it looks like the 40% discount is only good in store too.

  3. I had an incredible experience yesterday using my groupon at Baby Gap. They had 40% off clearance and I bought 19 items, and paid $20 out of pocket. The receipt said that I had a savings of $99.90!

    The thing about Gap is you have to know when to shop there and when they have these deals, it is time to stock up. I buy ahead for my kids and now they are pretty set for the next 2 years and everything is organized by size in containers in their closets. Better yet- each item cost between $.99-$7!!!

  4. How long does the sale last? Just today?

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