Decluttering Challenge Week 10

I saved all the clothes from my first daughter in hopes that my second daughter could wear them. 

There are two problems with this plan.  First, the girls were born in two completely different seasons, one in late fall, one in late spring.  Second, the first one grew very fast the first six months and then very slowly after that.  She is now a size behind her age.  My second daughter has grown fast and continues to.  Even though she is only 6 months old, most of her clothes are 12-18 months. 

Today I added 62 items to the garage sale pile, almost all of them 6-12 month winter clothes I have saved from my first daughter.  My second daughter managed to zoom past this size before any really cold weather moved in.  Luckily, I bought most of these items at garage sales, so it isn’t much of a loss that she couldn’t wear them. 

Thus far, in ten weeks, I have removed 551 items of clutter, most of it clothing, from our house. 

How are you doing?  Are you decluttering?  Feel free to link up or leave a comment.

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