Link Love, 9/3/10

Now that I am staying home full-time this year, I am still struggling with time management. I have grand plans of what I would like to get done, but somehow I always feel behind. I loved the post “Schedules and Charts” by Faithful Homemaking. I think I will implement some of her strategies and see if my day goes more smoothly.

The articles “Six Outrageously Overpriced Products” made me think. Too often I just buy things out of habit without thinking of the true cost.

Our car is getting older–six years old with 85,000 miles, so our time to buy a new car will be coming in a few years. I really hate negotiating at the dealers. The article, “Secrets Your Car Dealer Won’t Tell You” will arm me with good information when the time comes.

Have a great holiday weekend!


  1. not sure where you are but if you have a CarMax around you should go there for your next car. There is no haggling, the price is what it is (but it's not high), there is no pressure, all of the cars are very safe, no frame damage, and they have a great extended warranty program.

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