An Update on the Insurance Debacle

I wrote two months ago that my employer denied health care coverage to my newborn because I applied 4 days beyond their arbitrary deadline. (Read the full article here.)

I was scrambling for about two weeks trying to find insurance for her. It turns out that most insurance companies will not issue an insurance policy for a baby independently unless that baby is at least 1 years old. I would have to also pay for independent coverage for myself (which I don’t need because I am insured through my employer) in order to cover Delaney.

I finally discovered that our state provides insurance coverage to children under 18. So, yes, even though I have never had to take state aid before and even though I am gainfully employed, my baby is now covered by Medicaid. There is something seriously wrong with this.

I am paying $40 a month for her coverage, which is very reasonable. Also, if I paid back premiums from the month of her birth, the insurance policy covered all of her expenses. (Thank goodness!)

I stewed about this for about a month before I scheduled an appointment with the president of the company to talk about this. I had to wait another three weeks to see her. I did not expect her to decide to cover my baby; I have worked for my employer long enough to know that they NEVER bend the rules. I did want to draw her attention to this problem.

She was very cordial when I spoke with her; even she did not know our sign up time for new family additions was so stringent. Surprisingly, she agreed to look into bending the rules for me since I was only four days late. She also thought that it was important that Human Resources remind new mothers to fill out the proper form for coverage for their babies. (I still can’t believe NO ONE in H.R. told me about this even though I had to talk to them repeatedly to arrange my leave of absence.)

However, as I knew would ultimately be the case, she called me back about 10 days later to tell me they could not insure my baby because apparently several other workers have also missed the deadline and it wouldn’t be fair if they choose to insure Delaney but not the others. She did say that she would make it a priority to get the word out about the deadline.

Yes, I realize it is ironic that I am writing this one day after I wrote about my employer’s generosity in giving me a 16 month leave of absence to stay home with my baby. (See that post here.)

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