Back to School Supplies–The Last Report

Ah, I have finished my back to school shopping. Yeah. My only questionable purchase was the Ziplock bags. I could only find the produce type in gallon size, so I am not sure if these will work.

His school is very specific about the brand of some items on his school supply list. Here is the exact list:

Quantity – Description
1 Large Backpack
1 Crayola brand crayons – 24 count (No larger amounts please!)
6 7 oz glue sticks (Large glue sticks or twice as many small ones)
8 #2 pencils
1 Pink eraser
1 Box markers – Mr. Sketch or Crayola Classic brand (Broad Tip)
1 Box Addition and Subtraction flash cards for use at home
1 Fiskars brand scissors
2 Rolls of paper towels
1 Jumbo box of tissue
1 Container of wetHAND WIPES-Not Lysol or Bleach… used for cleaning hands
1 Gallon size box of Zip Lock bags
1 Plastic pencil box
1 Wallet size photo of student
1 Ream of copy paper – white
1 Package of either 7 oz cups, 5 oz cups or paper napkins

This past Sunday I bought the following at Meijer:
1 box gallon size Ziploc bags – 2.79
1 pkg. napkins–$1.62
1 container Wet Wipes—2.26

(When did napkins and Ziploc bags become part of the back to school supply list????)

In the previous weeks we bought:
Office Max–1 ream of paper (free after Max Perks rebate)
Meijer—24 ct. box of Crayola Crayons .25, 3 glue sticks .75
We started shopping today and ended up with the following:
CVS—large box of tissue—$0.06
Walgreens—Fiskars scissors–$0.99, 2 rolls of paper towel – -2.00, 8 pack of pencils–.09
Office Depot—Mr. Sketch Markers–$0.00 (cost 7.99 but will mail in for a 7.99 rebate)
Target—6 glue sticks–$1.20 (I will still need to buy more because I am 18 oz. short of what is requiredTotal–$5.34

Grand Total –$12.01, $2.99 under budget.

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