Grocery Shopping Monday, 10/26/09

We ran out of many non-food items this week that hit our budget hard. Here is the damage:

Dominicks, Target & CVS

I used $5 ECBs at CVS for the wipes, so the total was $2.07 OOP.

The three boxes of crackers came from Dominick’s in addition to the bread. Total there was $7.94.

The baby detergent came from Target and was $12.94 total.

Jewel (next two pictures):

Total for this order was $17.66, plus I earned a $10 off your next order Catalina that I am saving for next week.

This order came to $16.99. (I don’t usually buy this much baby food, but my daughter has been sick for the last two weeks and has been very fussy about what she eats. She is on medication for a double ear infection, so hopefully her eating habits will improve as she begins to feel better.)


This order came to $18.80. Some of the good deals were cheese for $.99 a package, bananas for .39/pound and eggs for .99.
Total for the week = 76.39 OUCH!!

I am $36.39 over my target goal of $40 per week during this challenge. Last week I only spent $30.28, so thus far I have spent $ 106.68.

That leaves me with $53.32 for the next two weeks. It will be tight, but I am hoping the Jewel $10 catalina and a $5 Target card that I have will help.

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