Freezer Burritos (Frugal Recipe Makeover)

We love Freezer Burritos. I make up a batch of these and we eat some for dinner and freeze the rest. During the week I eat one for a quick lunch with a salad on the side. When I return to work, I plan to take these as my lunch a couple of times a month.

Recently when I made these, I tried to make them as cheaply as possible. Here is what I came up with:

1 lb. lean g. beef (3.00)
¼ c. finely chopped onion (.10)
1-1/4 c. salsa (.89)
2 tbsp. taco seasoning (homemade—2 tsp. chili powder, 1 tsp. cumin, 1 tsp. paprika, 1 tsp. oregano, 1 tsp. sugar, ½ tsp. salt) (.15)
1-1/3 c. dry pinto beans, cooked (.50)
½ c. water
1 c. shredded cheese (.50)
8 burrito tortillas (1.29)

These make approximately 8 burritos, at a grand total cost of $6.43 or .80 each. What a deal for a great lunch!

I estimate that the original recipe, which you can find here, would cost $8.95, or $1.12 per serving. I would make it the original way if I was pressed for time because it is still much better than eating out. However, right now I have more time than money, so we are happy with the frugal makeover.


  1. newlyweds says:

    What a great recipe, I love that you can freeze it to use later, thats awesome.

  2. Lindse94 says:

    I often buy these at Trader Joe's for a quick meal. I would like to try this out instead:)

  3. Great idea,never thought about making your own and freezing them.Thanks!

  4. Michelle says:

    you could probably also make this even more frugal but still yummy by backing the beef down to 3/4 lb. and adding 1 cup of brown rice.

    I actually like rice in my burritos anyway, and it's another way to put in whole grains.

  5. What have you found to be the best way to reheat these after frozen? Thanks

  6. Judy–Hi. I usually reheat them on a plate uncovered for about 2 minutes (depends on the power of your microwave).

  7. The Desperate Cook says:

    I love anything you can make, eat and freeze some for later.

  8. Bear @ Cooking While Commuting says:

    Oh these look great!!! Can't wait to try them out. I think I'm going to be making freezer meals the whole 3-day weekend that is coming up!

  9. Yum! I did this once and loved it, but haven't again. They are great to have on hand!

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