The Taker by Alma Katsu: A Book Review

I generally have a book list that I use to find my reads, but sometimes, I just pull a book that looks interesting off the library shelf and hope for the best.

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Such was the case with Alma Katsu’s The Taker, but I have mixed feelings about this book.

On the positive, I did like the story and found the book hard to put down.  It follows the story of Lanore, a girl living on the Western frontier of Maine in the early 1800s.  She is from a poor family, and the love of her life is Jonathon St. Andrew, son of the town’s founder and namesake.  But, Jonathon does not quite feel the same way.  He is an Adonis who attracts everyone’s attention, both male and female, and he can, and does, have any female he wants.

When Lanore becomes pregnant by Jonathon, who has no intentions of marrying her despite their deep friendship, her family sends her off to a Boston convent to have the baby and give it up.  Lanore does not plan to do this, so she wanders through Boston, only to be picked up by a group of well-dressed people and taken to the home of Adair, a rich European prince.  After that, her life will never be the same.

Interspersed throughout Lanore’s and Adair’s story are some chapters in present day St. Andrew’s that briefly follow Lanore and her interactions with a local doctor, Luke.  Yes, Lanore’s story takes place both in the early 1800s and 200 years later in modern St. Andrew, Maine.

The story kept me guessing and was intriguing, so I liked that.  I found out the book is the first of a trilogy (which actually has six books in it, go figure), so I’d love to see how the story continues.

BUT, and this is a big caveat, there’s just way too much sex in this book.  I almost stopped around page 300 because I really couldn’t take anymore, but I wanted to know how the story ended.  This reminds me of the old Clan of the Cave Bear series that had the same problem.  While I’d love to know what happens in the rest of the trilogy, part of me is concerned that the next books in the series will just get more raunchy.

I give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

Restoration Series: Jonathon’s Walk – A Preview

I love a good documentary.  I’m interested in all types of topics for documentaries, especially if they help me learn about people and ways of life that I’m not familiar with.

I was recently given the opportunity to preview Jonathon’s Walk, a documentary about one man’s journey from the walls of prison back home to his wife and family.

About Jonathon’s Walk

Jonathon was only 18 when he went to prison for a carjacking.  He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.  During his time in prison, he met and married his wife and became a father to his wife’s daughter.  When the documentary opens, he is set to be released from prison, though the odds are stacked against him.

According to the documentary, “Though America is home to only 4 percent of the world’s population, we house more than 21 percent of its prisoners. Recidivism–the tendency of a criminal to reoffend—is out of control.”

Yet, Jonathon may have a better chance than most because he’s gone through a special program, the Prison Fellowship Academy, designed to help combat the return to prison that is all too common.

You Can View This Documentary, Too

If you’d like to view this documentary, which you can do for free, you can do so by following this link.

If you watched this documentary, what did you think of it?  If not, do you plan to watch it?

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