The One Organizational Technique that Revolutionized Our Homeschool

Organized HomeschoolI’m organized. . . some what.  I’m definitely not one of those people who plans out our homeschool year to a tee.  You know, you’ve probably seen those homeschool posts on Pinterest.  Mom sits down and plans when the school year will end, and then counts back to when the school year should begin after accounting for vacations, etc.  Then the same mom plans out all of the assignments for the year.

Argh.  I want to be that organized, but, you know, L.I.F.E always interrupts my plans.

However, Bookworm is now in 7th grade, so I wanted to be a little more organized than our go-with-the-flow technique that didn’t work the best last year.  After all, I have to start learning to keep detailed records; Bookworm is only two years away from high school.


My New Organizational Technique

IMG_8112So, I created a binder for myself, and over two weekends, I outlined all of my kids’ assignments for the next nine weeks.

Nine Week PlanBut here’s the key for me–I didn’t put any dates on the assignments.  If L.I.F.E happens as I expect it will, we can still jump right back in where we left off.

The penciled in slash marks show when a week ended.  At the end of the week, I write down in a planner specific for this purpose, what assignments were done.


Since we school year round, I don’t really care when we start and finish.  I don’t feel the need to rigidly determine our start date, vacations, and stop date.  My binder simply shows me what assignments I want the kids to get done the first nine weeks of the year.

Behind the kids’ assignments, I put an attendance sheet and a chore sheet, so in the afternoon, when we’re done with school, I already have the kids’ chores planned out.


Benefits of This System

I’ve already found some significant benefits to this type of system.

Less time is wasted during the day.  Now I don’t have to look at our books and decide what the kids will do for the day.  All of the assignments are clearly laid out for the day.

Bookworm is more independent.  I gave Bookworm his own copy of the plan, so he can scratch off assignments as he completes them.

I can order material from the library in advance.  Thanks to my planning, when my girls’ geography book mentioned a supplemental reading, I already had the book ordered and picked up because I planned their lessons early.  If a book takes a few weeks to come in, it’s not a big deal because I ordered it way in advance.

I can tailor some of their assignments to what they’re studying.  The girls are reading Charlotte’s Web, so I found a few art projects for them that are related to the book.  Likewise, I gave Bookworm some art assignments such as making a fresco, which related to what he is studying in geography.

I can print everything out ahead of time.  Any worksheets or activity sheets that the kids need are already printed and in my binder so when they need them, I don’t have to waste time printing them out in the middle of the day.


Sure, taking time to write out ALL of the kids’ assignments for nine weeks took me several hours, but I think it will save me more time than that.

What is your favorite way to organize your homeschool?

Menu Planning for July 23, 2016

This week we tried to do a minimal shopping trip.  Our focus will be using up what we have.  We’ll order another 1/4 side of beef in September and a 1/2 side of pork in October, so we’re trying not to use all of our monthly grocery money so we can set some aside for these upcoming expenses.

However, there are 8 days left in the month, so we’ll see how we do.

Here’s the plan, again, Paleo for me and mostly Paleo for the family.

Lunch–Paleo Cauliflower Fried Rice (replacing the egg with chicken)
Dinner–Chicken Tortilla-less Soup

Lunch–T-Bone Steak, Zucchini Spears, Sweet Potato Fries
Dinner–Chicken Zoodle Soup

Lunch–Oxtail Soup (I’ll have meatballs & baby bok choy soup)
Dinner–Lazy Sunday Pot Roast

Sausage & Cabbage

Spaghetti (rice noodles for half of the family; spaghetti squash for the other half)

Super Easy Paleo Crockpot Chili

Beef Skillet Supper

For meal planning ideas, visit Gluten Free Menu Swap.

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