My Weekly Goals for November 25, 2015, and an Update on the Last Two Weeks’ Goals


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So, my husband and I pulled out all of the Christmas presents we have already bought for the kids.  At first, I was confused by how skimpy the girls’ pile was.  Then, I remembered that I am supposed to sew several of their presents.  Uh oh!  Time to get busy!

Here are my goals for this week:

This Week’s Goals

  • Finish sewing the two Christmas presents I have that are more than half done.
  • Cut out and begin to sew one Christmas present that isn’t started yet.
  • Put up the Christmas decorations with the kids.
  • Create an attendance sheet for our homeschool.
  • Make a schedule for our Advent learning/fun.
  • Make a rough lesson plan and materials fee list for a class I’m going to teach at the co-op next semester.
  • Write nine blog posts for others.
  • Write two of my own blog posts.
  • Read three chapters of Born in the Year of Courage (a book Bookworm will be reading in a few weeks)

And here’s how I did on last week’s goals:

  • Finish sewing the two Christmas presents I have that are more than half done.  Nope.  Hence my panic now.  :)
  • Spend 4 hours cleaning and decluttering to gather stuff for our upcoming garage sale.  I spent about 2 hours, but the garage sale is over now, and we were able to declutter a little.
  • Create an attendance sheet for our homeschool.  No.
  • Create a blog schedule for the rest of the month.  No.
  • Attend a meeting for the co-op we’re thinking of joining.
  • Decide if we’re going to join, what classes the kids will take, and if I’ll offer to teach a class.
  • Write two of my own blog posts.
  • Write out a list of topics for the posts I have to write for others this month.
  • Read the first 3 chapters of Homesick (another book Bookworm will be reading this week)

Are you setting goals this time of year, or are you just on survival mode now?

Menu Planning for Sunday, November 22, 2015

We had a really crazy 10 days, which culminated with me catching the cold/flu my kids have had for the last week.  Luckily, I seem to have gotten the mild version of it, but still, after 7 days of sickness and my husband being out of town two days last week, the house is a wreck.  :)

Since we’ve been in school full-time since June, we’re planning to take this upcoming week easy.  There are a few subjects the kids are a little behind on, so we’ll get those taken care of, and then we’ll clean and get the house ready to decorate for Christmas.  Sounds like just the nice, relaxing week we need.

We also bought a 13 pound turkey.  Thanksgiving this year will just be the five of us, so expect to see a lot of leftover turkey recipes.  :)

Here’s our plan for the week:

Lunch–Chicken Fried Rice, Broccoli, Tomato Slices
Dinner–Chuck Roast with Carrots, Celery and Potatoes (minus the cream of mushroom soup)

Monday–Hamburger Soup (from the freezer.  Yeah!)

Tuesday–Savory Southwestern Soup

Wednesday–Jamie Oliver Spaghetti Sauce with ground beef and pasta, homemade dairy free garlic bread


Thanksgiving–Turkey, sweet potatoes, potatoes and gravy, green beans, and dairy free cheesecake and blueberry pie for dessert

Friday–Turkey pot pie

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