What Being on the Homeschool Review Crew Means to Me

I’ve had the pleasure of being on the Homeschool Review Crew for the past three years.  In fact, it was only our first semester of homeschooling that we weren’t on the Crew!  Though sometimes working on the Crew does mean a lot of work, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks!

Opportunity to Try Amazing Homeschool Products

As a member of the Crew, each year I get to review amazing homeschool products, many I never knew existed before I had the opportunity to review them.  Each year, we enjoy some of the products that we review so much that they become part of our regular curriculum.

This year, there are many products that we reviewed that became a regular part of our homeschool:

For Bookworm:

Apologia’s Writer in Residence I

Zeezok’s Music Appreciation Book 1

For the Girls:

Apologia’s Astronomy

Middlebury Spanish (review coming soon)

Veritas Bible’s New Testatment

That’s not to mention some of the items we’ve reviewed that I’ve tucked away to use for later or the many games that we’ve tried and continue to play as a family like Wonky and Tapple and Snake Oil.

Helping Readers with Curriculum Reviews

When I’m researching curriculum myself to see if it would be a good fit for our family, I always go to Cathy Duffy’s website first.  But after her professional opinion, I really just want to hear from homeschooling moms like myself.  That’s where other homeschool moms’ blogging reviews come in.

My hope is that by reviewing the Crew products, I can help other moms decide if a product is right for them just like other homeschooling bloggers help me.

The Camaraderie Can’t Be Beat

Another benefit of being on the Crew is the camaraderie.  The Crew has its own forum, and there, the Crew bloggers discuss everything from homeschooling, curriculum, blogging, social media, and many other things.  If you have a question, chances are one of the more than 180 ladies (and one man!) on the Crew will be able to help you out.

Apply Now!

If you blog and homeschool, you, too, could have the chance to review for the Crew.  The Crew is currently taking applications.

You can go here to learn more about what is required to be a Crew member.

Then you can fill out the application to join the Crew.  Tell them I sent you.

To read more reviewers’ experiences on the Crew, click on the link below:

What being on the Crew means ...
If you have any questions about joining the Crew, please leave a comment below!

Puzzleball Globe: A Timberdoodle Product Review

The girls have been learning about geography this year.  Honestly, because she’s only in 1st grade, Cuddle Bug doesn’t care much about it, but she does listen when we read our geography book.  PB & J Girl really likes geography, and she loves to find the continents and countries that we discuss on her blow up globe.  Combine this love of geography with her love of all puzzles, and the Puzzleball Globe is the perfect, fun  educational toy for her!

img_8424Timberdoodle sent us a Puzzleball Globe for us to review, and both girls really liked it.

About the Puzzleball Globe

The Puzzleball Globe ($24.99) is part of Timberdoodle’s 3rd grade curriculum  and includes a display stand (you assemble yourself) and the 180 pieces for the puzzle.

img_8251These puzzle pieces are so cool!  They are harder than regular puzzle pieces, so they’re durable.  They are also slightly curved.  They stick together tightly, so you don’t need to use glue.  Once you’re done, you can always take it apart and put it back together again.

There are three suggested ways to put this puzzle together.  For younger kids, each puzzle piece has a number stamped on the back.  Children can use these to assemble the puzzle.  Older kids can assemble the puzzle by using a map to see which countries are next to one another.  Still older kids can assemble this by not looking at the numbers on the back or a map for guidance.

We Used the Puzzleball Globe

img_8256As soon as we received this in the mail, both the girls got right to work.  They soon discovered the numbers on the back of the puzzle pieces, and they used these to help them put the globe together.  Cuddle Bug looked through the box to find the chronological numbers (which was great math practice for her).  She was able to find the pieces in order up to the number 100.  Then, she handed the pieces to PB & J Girl, who started assembling the globe.

The girls worked on this on and off for a week, usually early in the morning or in the afternoon after they had finished school.  They loved it!

When they were done assembling the puzzle, we put together the puzzle stand, and now they have the globe in the school room.  PB & J Girl still consults it frequently.

What I love is that unlike a flat puzzle that just takes up space when it’s done, this puzzle can be put on display, and it is useful once kids have assembled it.

Although this puzzle does have an educational aspect, I think it would make a great Christmas gift for any child who likes the challenge of puzzles.

Note: I received this product in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.


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