Freezer Cooking January 2019 Part One

I was hoping when my mom was here that I could really stock the freezer for the next few months.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but I was able to double some meals that I made so they could go in the freezer, and I also had one mini freezer cooking session where I made 3 meals and broke them into individual serving sizes as lunches for me.

When I make freezer meals, I usually only use them once or twice a week, and the rest of the time, I cook meals the day that they’re served.  I think that is about to change.

My work has increased, which I’m so happy about, and I have also placed more demands on my time so I can achieve this year’s goals.  As a result, I get up at 4:30 a.m. to get a lot of my work done.  BUT, that’s not enough time, so I contemplated getting up at 4 a.m., but I just don’t want to do that now because I’d have to go to bed before some of my kids in order to get enough rest.

However, if I rely mostly on freezer meals for dinner, that means I free up one hour of my time in the evening to do additional work.  Voila, problem solved.  This week, I’m going to serve only freezer meals.  If it works well, I’ll start having regular freezer cooking sessions again, so I can do this every week!

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Here’s what I was able to freeze while my mom was here:

Lunch Meals/Single Serve

Paleo Stuffed Pepper Soup (4 individual lunches)

Paleo Chili (5 individual lunches)

One Skillet Paleo Dinner (4 individual lunches)

Dinner Meals


Cornbread Taco Bake Filling (from MyFreezEasy)

Chalupa Salad (from MyFreezEasy)

Sloppy Joes (from MyFreezEasy)

Refried Beans & Taco Mix  (I just froze the filling.)

What We Ate the Week of January 13, 2019

I think I was on a Mexican kick this week, and by the end of the week, my family was complaining because I fed them too many beans.  Oops.  😉

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Lunch–Cornbread Taco Bake (from MyFreezEasy)
Dinner–Sloppy Joes, baked potato, baked cauliflower


Taco Lasagna, salad


Skinny Slow Cooker Meatball Soup, garlic bread


Chicken Burrito Skillet


Garlic bread, Slow Cooker Southwest Chicken Chili,


Homemade Pizza, broccoli

What’s on your menu this week?

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